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Twin sisters get pregnant for their mother’s lover

NEWSMAN, Lafia – A widower Augustine Angwe is said to have impregnate twin sisters, Philomina and Patricia in Nasarawa state.

Angwe who is the boyfriend of the of the girl’s mother, claims that he was seduced by the girls, and did not know it will get out of hand.

According to him, “I didn’t know that they would get pregnant. But when they did, I wanted them aborted but they refused, saying that their father warned them against it.

“These girls were actually the ones who lured me into sleeping with them. They enjoyed it the first time we had it. From what started like a joke, it became a regular thing.

“I know I have deeply hurt the mother but it has happen and there is nothing anybody can do. That is the work of the devil and I wholeheartedly accepted responsibility so as not to ruin their lives. They can pick up the pieces of their lives and move on after nursing the babies.

“The mother of the twins, Alice Ukange who lost her husband during one of the farmers/herders crisis in Nasarawa state, said she met Augustine as a gentle, nice and humble man. He treated me like my late husband. He cared so much about my twins. But he ended up ruining our lives. How can you be sleeping with me and my twin children at the same time?”

Alice had met Angwe, an indigene of Vandeikya Local Government Area, Benue state, in 2017 while the latter was in Nasarawa State to transact his business, which was buying raw food items from the local farmers and taking them to the Southeast to sell at higher prices.

The girls who admitted to have initiated the act expressed remorse, and said they will not marry the man, but continue with their lives. One of the twin Philomina who spoke, revealed that “we began to talk and I eased my way over to him. He was resistant at first, but that just made me more excited. I low key seduced him and our affair began. Every time my mum travelled, he would come over and have sex with me.

“I knew him when he started dating my mother and we were intimate right afterwards. So when I missed my period, it took me some time to disclose to him that he was responsible for it. I didn’t also know how to break the news to my mumThe other twin Patricia said the first time she and Angwe got intimate, her mom almost caught the, but she was able to lie and cover up the act, Daily Post reported.

“It was amazing. I see why my mum loves Augustine so much. So when she left, I decided we should have a second round, because I enjoyed it, and we continued at every little opportunity.

“When I missed my period, I was actually afraid to tell my mum that Augustine was responsible. I had thought about abortion to just mask everything, but remembering the warning our late father gave us about abortion, I decided to leave it.

Patricia added that “I have brought shame to my mother and the entire family. May God forgive all my sins. I never knew it would get to this level. I was doing it blindly and it has consumed me.”

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