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‘There is Money in Agriculture’ – Millionaire Farmer tells Youths

NEWSMAN, Abuja –  Founder of Millionaire Farms Limited, 27-year-old Okorode Christian, tells NEWSMAN why he opted for the business of Agriculture and how it has changed his life for good.

Why did you venture into agriculture? 

I ventured into agriculture so I can contribute my quota to solving hunger, food shortage, and unemployment problems not just in my region, but in Africa. My team and I are working on SDG goals 1, 2 and 17.

Is it a lucrative and fulfilling venture?

Agriculture is very lucrative. However, you need to invest into it for you to be able to make a lot from it, and if you put the right system on ground, you will get a very massive output. It is not magic. Because of my exploits in the agriculture space, I have won many national and international awards, and have been featured in different media platforms both national and international media like CNN, So I am happy with agriculture. I am a firm believer of possibilities, and just by leveraging on social media and technology, I have raised millions from investors for my agricultural business.

Where is your farm located?

In Bayelsa State. It is my major farm and it was established with one thousand plantain suckers, which increased to ten thousand plantain suckers plantation within six months. My company also majors in setting up profitable farms for individuals and organizations with an option to maintain the farm till harvest.

What are the challenges?

Everyone in agriculture has different challenges, although there are peculiarities. Lack of funding and poor road network – transportation is a huge problem I am facing right now. Transporting goods from the farm is a big challenge for me because of the bad roads. There is also the challenge of extortion from security operatives who should be protecting you. We need a good tech system as well, it could be in the form of drones, storage, chemicals, tractors etc.

What support do you get from the government?

Basically, no support yet. I am one of those people that don’t like to wait on the government to do everything for me.

Do you do mechanized farming, how easy or difficult is it? 

Yes, I am into semi-mechanized farming. It is the way forward to producing more food and employment. We use tractors for land preparation and soil preparation and we have an irrigation system. However, it is capital intensive. Going into mechanized farming is like a once in a lifetime thing. It’s like literally producing your own money machine.

Is agriculture a male dominated sector? Do we have many young female farmers?

There are females doing incredible stuff in most rural areas, I am currently in Rivers, Omagwa to be precise. Here women farm a lot, and even in my poultry farm, my manager happens to be a lady.  All I can say is, sometimes the spotlight is not on the ladies, or they do not come out the way the male folks do.”

What advice do you have for young people who plan to venture into agriculture?

I would say, seek knowledge first. Knowledge from people already doing what you want to do. We need to work with other people that have the knowledge, resources and manpower that we may be lacking.

The agricultural space is wide and the value chain is really wide. Leverage on technology and make good use of social media. Go out there and work, the market is big to accommodate every young person that wants to venture into agriculture, and you will succeed.

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