Oil price fall, Lawan seeks urgent diversification of Nigerian economy

NEWSMAN, Abuja- As the price of crude oil on the international market continues to tumble affecting Nigeria’s economy, Senate President, Ahmed Lawan has advocated the need for urgent diversification of the economy.

Lawan stated this on Wednesday while playing host to a delegation of the Council For New Nigeria (CFNN) in Abuja, an official statement said.

“We have a challenge of oil price that is not good right now, but what about countries without oil? There are countries that do not have oil and yet they are making progress. Maybe this is the time to start thinking of how to take people out of poverty in a country without oil, so that we will not say because the oil price has gone down we cannot do anything” Lawan said. 

Nigerian Senate President, Ahmed Lawan/Google

Senate President Lawan also expressed optimism that with the right collaboration, policies and proper implementation the aim of the Federal Government to take 100 million people out of poverty in the next 10 years is achievable. 

Lawan assured that “the Senate is always ready to partner with any group or organisation that is willing to support the Federal government to realise its ambition on poverty reduction and job creation”

Earlier, leader of CFNN and former lawmaker, Senator Abu Ibrahim said the organization was a support group by members of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and was formed to ensure the realisation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s economic agenda.

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