PIB : FG harmonize Warring Host Communities

NEWSMAN, Abuja – Warring factions of the Host Communities of Nigeria Producing Oil and Gas (HOSTCOM and HOSCON) have agreed to sheath their sword and present a harmonized position of the entire host communities at the new public hearing of the Petroleum Industrial Bill (PIB).

During a conciliatory meeting put together by the Senior Special Assistant to the President (SSAP) on Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Ita Enang, on Tuesday in Abuja, the meeting agreed that a joint technical Committee of all contending parties facilitated by the Office of the SSAP on Niger Delta Affairs would be constituted to prepare a common presentation at the next hearing of PIB.

Senator Enang had earlier admonished both parties to set aside their differences and have common position for the purpose of the (PIB), adding that “we would request using the instrumentality of this Office for the House of Representatives and the Senate Committee even in their Committee Session to hear us present a harmonized position at the National Assembly, Senate and the House of Representatives.

“we have not invited you to settle any dispute but we have invited you to shake hands with each other and move on because in the Niger Delta dispute and disputation is a regular feature so we are not settling dispute.

“I know you do not have dispute with yourself, you only agree and disagree on a procedure and the disagreement pass elbow to the ankle”, he noted.

The Senator decried a situation in which the Oil Companies divides the host communities while they sponsor and put fire on both sides, “they take the oil, desecrate the environment, abuse your children and your youths, give them instrument of self-destruction while we keep fighting and working, they keep clapping and taking our resources.

He assured that “Under President Muhammed Buhari, this would not happen again, we would not perpetually be at war with ourselves, we have agreed to come together for the purpose of defending the interest of the entire community.

“So, what i intend to do, is to work with you, put you on the same page on issues as contend in the Host Communities Content of the Petroleum Industry Bill, to enable you put up a unified presentation on what you want for the Host Communities for the bill to become law” he stated.

The conciliatory meeting with some critical stakeholders was convened to avert the recurrence of issues that ensued at the public hearing of the Petroleum Industrial Bill (PIB) at the National Assembly on 28th January, 2021 and its serious implication on the region’s development and adverse effect on the nation’s economy.

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