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Nigerian Wedding Guests: What Do You Love Most About Weddings?

NEWSMAN, Abuja – Weddings are usually a special event for people, especially for those getting married, and for the rest of us, it’s a time to reconnect with old friends, meet new people, and enjoy the party! 

For me, what I love most about weddings is seeing the joy that two people share, the fact that because of them, people converge from far and wide to merry. I love the thought of a new journey involving two families, a beautiful union. 

Some Nigerian wedding guests share with NEWSMAN what they love about weddings. 

Treasure Godwin

I love when two people look each other in the eye and say their vows with a genuine love, I mean, its beautiful, because getting to the point where you both accept to be together for life is not easy so it should be highly respected.

The reception is fun, you just get to see different characters in display with emotions too. For some you get to see the crazy bond the families share. 

Zainab Mukhtar

You know how brides are celebrities during their weddings right? Good news is everything the bride eats, you eat too as the maid of honour. Weddings in the North can take up to a week so you know that matters. 

I love how weddings help me in supporting my friends! Your friend might be going through a lot and you won’t even know. So the wedding gives me a chance to support her in such a way that it will be memorable to her. You know that weddings can be very stressful! So having someone who will be beside you to support you really goes a long way. 

Isaac Danladi

I love when I see the groom and bride exchanging vows. I love the smiles and laughter on the faces of people who come to witness and celebrate with the couples. The reunion with old friends and families and how unique the surrounding is. 

I love seeing how people wear different colourful outfits and the rhythm of the songs and music being played. The feeling is really overwhelming.

Olamide Grillo

I love alot of things about weddings, meeting family members I haven’t seen in forever, watching both bride and groom walk down the aisle. But In all I love the part when we dance and get sprayed money, the joy of seeing money makes me wanna dance more even if I can’t dance.

Lets just say that I love the gbedu

Wedding send-off party./Anna Mordecai
Siblings at a wedding

Zainab Jimoh

What I love most about weddings is the part where the traditional rite is been done. Especially my tribe Ebira, the scene where the in-laws bring all that is required accompanied with songs.

The Ebira traditional rites

This part is where the in-laws brings yams 100 tubers, a gallon of palm oil and groundnut Oil, a bag of salt, set of boxes filled with wrappers and jewelries, bag of rice accompanied with a drummer, and marriage songs from the in-laws.

Anna Mordecai

What I love most about weddings is the music and dancing. Also always looking forward to seeing the couples outfit (don’t know why). Lastly, I love the small chops.

Sedoo Nyior

What I love about weddings… Normally I would just say I love the food? But that will be cheesy to say, where I extremely enjoy and the moment I always look forward to see … the vows it is so solemn and beautiful, one can even say its the moment of truth that’s when you can see the affection and emotion a couple share … the bonding magic.

I look forward to mine , of course outside of this .. I appreciate other moments like the bride and groom dance entrance at the reception.. parents drama and excitement.. It’s always a wonderful experience .

Theophilus Noah Baba

The exciting thing about weddings, to me, is the fact that couples openly show their joy. It’s a big deal taking vows publicly. I love the re-union with mutual friends and family, general merriment, the food (of course) and the avenue to wear the asoebi. 

Its also a way of saying, “Hello world, I am now with the rightful partner, so stay off!”

Abbah Adamu

I love the part in the reception, where the couple dance to a soul-binding music, the connection so affectionate, the steps adorable. The part where he looks into her eyes and she does the same, and fire is ignited, passion starts burning, desires aroused, love shimmers.

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