Kim Kardashian answers criticisms on her new Maternity Wear Collection

NEWSMAN – Reality star, Kim Kardashian who just launched a brand new line aimed at pregnant women, through her brand Skims, has come out to answer some of the criticisms received since the launch.

Many fans have asked Kim if pregnant women should have the added pressure of needing to slim down, expressing worries that it will encourage women to want to appear slimmer.

One user wrote “Isn’t wearing shape wear dangerous for your pregnancy putting that pregnancy at risk?”

Another fan also posted, saying “I’m sure that’s the one thing pregnant women need above all! Being pressed to a slimmer figure.”

The fashion icon answered the criticisms claiming her Skims maternity shape wear is to make pregnant women appear slimmer by saying many pregnant women reached out asking for s Skims maternity shape wear line, and she delivered.

“The belly part doesn’t slim your belly, it’s actually sheer and a thinner layered material compared to the rest of the garment. It provides support to help with the uncomfortable weight being carried in your stomach which affects your lower back, and the compression on the leggings helps with pain relief caused by swelling. It is also worn after you have given birth and provides the comfort and support that most women need after delivery especially if you are recovering from a cesarean, ” she added.

However, some other fans have bought the idea, stating that its not a new idea, as such wears have been in existence even before now.

Kim however did not give clarity on how safe the garment is, especially following the criticism of the garment supposedly slimming down the body shape of a pregnant woman, as people were concerned about the safety of the garment.

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