Hushpuppi Scam? A special video report by NEWSMAN Nigeria on Youtube

NEWSMAN, Abuja – In this special investigative report, NEWSMAN Nigeria takes you into the world of famous Nigerian billionaire and Instagram celebrity, Ramon Igbalode Abass aka Ray Hushpuppi. 

A dealer in second clothing in the popular Lagos Island in Nigeria’s commercial capital of Lagos, Ray Hushpuppi suddenly came into the limelight due to his flair for an expensive lifestyle that saw him engage in brazen display of wealth on Instagram from his Dubai-based residence in the UAE. He was courted by top politicians, musicians, footballers and other celebrities.

Hushpuppi was arrested in June 2020 alongside his accomplice, Olalekan Jacob Ponle aka “Woodberry” and other gang members while sleeping in their Dubai residences. They were all extradited to the United States on July 3 where they are currently facing trial for Business Email Compromise (BEC). They risk being jailed for over thirty years if found guilty. 

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