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How Not to End The #EndSARS Protest

NEWSMAN, Abuja – Every generation out of relative obscurity discovers its mission, fulfills it or betrays it. – Frantz Fanon.

No one but those who want the present dysfunctional super-structure to continue unaddressed is displeased with the protests that have become our daily spectacle.

#ENDSARS defines the resolve of the Nigerian Youth to compel progressive reforms in a Country that mouths progress without taking commensurate steps to make things right.

#ENDSARS is a call to a new dawn, one championed by the used, neglected and abandoned Nigerian Youth.

#ENDSARS is a call for responsible and responsive leadership in Nigeria.

#ENDSARS is a call for the restructuring and the reformation of the Nigeria Police, the Nigeria Security architecture and indeed the Nigerian state.

#ENDSARS is not just an acronym it is a call for a holistic overhaul and rework of the enterprise called Nigeria.

#ENDSARS has brought us huge discomfort but out of this suffering shall come a new Nigeria.

#ENDSARS has shown that the Nigerian Youth is not only resilient and indefatigable BUT civil, resolute and disciplined.

That the Youths have conducted the #ENDSARS protests and marches with the highest level of decorum is commendable. To the young men and women out there I want to say that I’m proud of You, Nigerians are proud of you and so is the International Community.

We have seen sponsored thugs and paid rival cum opposing protesters whose brief is to provoke you and to derail your just protest.

We have seen attempts to provoke you to violence. We have seen the resolve to blackmail and brand those who side with your protest as enemies of the present government.

We have seen, heard and read desperate commentaries by paid agents of State and their apparatchiks to colour your protestations in bad light and to tar your patriotic cause with partisan brush BUT the truth is lucid, and their demagoguery shall fail.

In Abuja, Lagos, Benin, Osun, Edo, Oyo, Ekiti, Delta et al paid thugs have sought to derail and pollute your just cause, BUT to the State I say, that is how not to end the #ENDSARS protest.

We have seen the paid #PROSWAT protesters and we have seen thugs burning cars and invading Correctional Centres to free Prison inmates whilst the Police watch hands akimbo and mouths agape in impish complicity.

We have seen people stoning at convoys of State Operators, we have seen threats at harmless and armed-less protesters geared at destroying the innocent resolve of just protesters, again I say to the State that is how not to end the #ENDSARS protest.

Some of us who have advised and encouraged the Youth to elevate their protest to the awesome pedestal that have been applauded across the world are presently the victims of a blackmail ring set up by agents of State. A few days ago yours sincerely was invited to a WhatsApp Group called #ENDBUHARI’SGOVERNMENT only to find out that I was made the sole Administrator of a group I know nothing about, that’s how they can go, and that is how not to end the #ENDSARS protest.

To blackmail, provoke, intimidate, threaten and harass peaceful protesters, and to call those who side with and support the peaceful protests across the nation bad names with the intention to release the Army and or the DSS to enforce peace and stem a contrived violence is definitely how not to end the #ENDSARS protest.

Let me say clearly that if the present government is listening well and if they have heard the voice of the Youth, they will ask the Inspector General of Police to do with SWAT what he has done with SARS. It is not weakness to heed the call of the people you serve. Do the needful and begin a holistic reform and rework of the Police and the Security architecture, that is how to end the #ENDSARS protest.

Stop paying and sponsoring thugs and agent provocateurs to derail an otherwise peaceful protest, and stop blackmailing those who salute the present resolve of the Nigerian Youth, that is how to end the #ENDSARS protest peacefully.

Begin the process of RESTRUCTURING Nigeria for progress so jobs can be created and poverty dealt with, that is how to end the #ENDSARS protest peacefully. 

Try the killer cops who gave SARS a bad name, and compensate the victims and their families, that is how to end the #ENDSARS protest peacefully.

Secure the Country against insurgents, bandits, kidnappers and violent crime. Fund education, fund health care and walk the path of national peace and reconciliation, and that is how to end the #ENDSARS protests peacefully.

To those who argue whilst defending the indefensible that these things take a long time, I disagree, Government must show good faith by engaging with Patriots and well meaning Nigerians in resolving the many contradictions that stifle progress. We can make Nigeria great by seeing beyond the obsfuscating prism of partisanship, religion and hate. And with alacrity we MUST water the tree of unity through RESTRUCTURING. May God Bless Nigeria.





Chukwudumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN,

FKA Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.


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