Driver’s licence not for vehicle owners alone, says FRSC

NEWSMAN, Akure – Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) says driver’s licence is not meant for vehicles owners alone, but for all Nigerians who are of driving age.

FRSC Route Commander in charge of drivers licence at the Ore Unit Command, Adebisi Olajide made these clarifications on Tuesday in Ore, Ondo State.

Olajide urged Nigerians who are of driving age, to ensure they go through driving schools for their driver’s licence.

He said that driver’s licence would give people access to drive vehicles when the opportunity comes without being arrested by the FRSC, police, Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) and other law enforcement agencies, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported.

“Many people think that driver’s licence is meant for vehicles owners alone. This is not so, but anyone who has reached the category of driving and ready to go through and pass all the driving tests can process the driver’s licence.

 “Driver’s licence also serves as an identity card for the holder because all his information is on it.

“It can also give them the opportunity to drive vehicles whenever they have access without being arrested by law enforcement officers,” Olajide said.

He, however, urged anyone who intended to issue or renew driver’s licence to go through the FRSC and stop patronising touts who could put them into serious problems.

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