Covid 19: Nigeria lacks sufficient Soap and water for hand washing -NBS

NEWSMAN, Abuja – A large number of Nigerian households surveyed could not afford to buy sufficient supplies of the water and soap they needed for frequent hand washing in the prevention against the dreaded Coronavirus.

The Survey which was conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics revealed in its latest COVID-19 Impact Monitoring report, findings of the second round of its Nigeria COVID-19 National Longitudinal Phone survey conducted in June, PUNCH reported

“In June however, nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of households did not have sufficient soap to wash their hands and about seven per cent of households also reported insufficient access to water for handwashing”, the report disclosed.

It added that the shortage of water for drinking and washing hands faced by households was primarily due either to a disruption in the supply or inability to access the source of water as “Poorer households were more likely to have insufficient access to soap and water to wash their hands.”

A large share of households also reported that they could not afford to buy sufficient supplies of water (17 per cent for drinking water and 28 per cent for handwashing water).

The NBS described the COVID-19 NLPS as a monthly survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,950 households to monitor the economic impact of the pandemic and other shocks.

It noted that the survey was launched in April 2020 with support from the World Bank.

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